September Meeting Finishes!

At the 9/21 meeting we had lovely quilt tops turned in – we are now above 80 tops for the year.  Can you spot the 2.5″ challenge finish?   How about the orphan block quilts?   The tops are all beautiful and very much appreciated!

IMG950925 IMG950927 IMG950930 IMG950931 IMG950933 IMG950935 IMG950937 IMG950939 IMG950943

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It’s summer and we have NOT been on vacation

Summer is winding down and the members of Southern Tier Quilts of Valor have continued to create wonderful quilts.   Our members have also been hard at work awarding quilts locally.    To view photos from our award presentations please go to the Awards tab.

Our group is committed to being excellent stewards of donations.   We don’t want to throw away anything that is usable.   We take scraps generated in the process of making quilts and turn them into 2.5″ squares, 5″ squares, 10″ squares, scrappy bindings, scraps for string block and last but not least dog bed fillers for our local shelters.  The trash bins at the end of our meetings do not have any fabric in them!

As a group we have been challenging ourselves this year to use 2.5 inch squares as well as orphan blocks that were accumulating!    It is so nice to have a group of talented quilters that rise to these challenges – look for some of the results in this post and in prior posts for 2015 as well.

Photo Aug 31, 9 23 56 AM Photo Aug 31, 9 25 23 AM Photo Aug 31, 9 26 21 AM Photo Aug 31, 10 45 03 AM Photo Aug 31, 11 08 12 AM


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July and August presentations

Word is getting out in our community and we are presenting more and more quilts locally!  Below are photos from our recent presentations in the last two weeks.   Enjoy and keep quilting………………













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More quilts tops and presentations!

The STQOV group has been busy making tops and making local presentations! -Yesterday we received our 60th completed top and made a presentation.  Photos will be posted shortly.

First I need to catch up with May and June!

These first two photos are from a May 24, 2015 presentation:

Photo May 24, 6 45 30 PMPhoto May 24, 6 44 17 PM These are new tops turned in in May and June – be on the lookout for tops from our 2.5 inch charm square challenge:

Photo Jun 29, 1 31 39 PM Photo Jun 29, 1 28 35 PM Photo Jun 29, 1 13 29 PM Photo Jun 29, 12 22 05 PM Photo Jun 29, 12 09 22 PM Photo Jun 29, 12 05 14 PM Photo Jun 29, 12 02 49 PM Photo Jun 29, 10 57 15 AM Photo May 18, 1 17 52 PM Photo May 18, 10 34 47 AM Photo May 18, 10 32 14 AM Photo May 18, 10 14 53 AM Photo May 18, 10 13 18 AM Photo May 18, 9 33 07 AMPhoto Jun 29, 2 46 28 PM

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Today is our monthly meeting for April…..we have 31 people signed in!

So far this month 8 completed quilts were shipped to Quillen VAMC, Mountain Home, TN and at least 5 quilts have been presented locally!

Photo Apr 27, 10 49 06 AM

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2014 Stats and a Great Start to 2015

2014 was a banner year for our chapter. Here are some stats:
29 QOV were awarded locally to veterans and wounded warriors
67 QOV were shipped to Germany, North Carolina, West Virginia and New York.
= 96 QOV presented or shipped!!!!!
In addition,
58 non-marathon quilts were started in 2014
89 quilts were created during the 2014 marathon
72+ quilt tops were shipped to Les Page in Virginia Beach in 2014 to help alleviate our longarmer logjams.
I think that you would agree with me that STQOV is a very productive group! And we are off to a great start this year. To date, we have shipped 8 QOV to Fort Campbell and made 7 local presentations. Keep up the good work :)
Here are a couple photos for your viewing pleasure:
feb 10 2015 066qov  2015 028
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JOIN US FOR THE 3rd Annual Veterans’ Day Quilting Marathon

The Southern Tier Quilts of Valor (STQOV) volunteers have worked all year to make pre-cut kits in five different patterns. This year you will also be able to select a pre-made binding and already-sewn backing to complement your quilt top. Then, after a good pressing and dangling thread cleanup, off to the longarmers they go!

Many volunteers worked throughout the year, some even doing ‘extra credit homework,’ to make ‘complete’ quilt kits possible. THANK YOU!!!!!

We made over 100 quilt tops during the last two marathons. What can we do this year???

So, oil up your machine and join us! Make a Quilt of Valor and bring a smile to the face of a service member or veteran.

Date: Saturday, November 8, 2014

Time: 9an – 9pm (you can sew all day, or during the 9am – 3pm or 3pm – 9pm session)

Place: Corning American Legion, 8 River Road, Corning, NY

Don’t sew? No worry! There are lots of other ways to help—assist the quilters, pressing, running errands, helping with food set-up and clean-up, and most of all, just being there.

Lots of free food, prizes, and fun. You do not want to miss this event!

See the flyer for more details. Southern Tier Quilts of Valor 2014

Call Connie at 607-733-8354 to register.

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